Meet the Composer and Producer Victor Lee #WhoDatWednesday

Victor Lee, a multi-instrumentalist based in Indiana, has put a whole new feel on fan engagement. Victor has been playing the piano “since [he] was too small to crawl up a piano chair” … really, and this desire to play turned into the taking of classical lessons for about 5 years when he was young. Eventually, Victor. Began teaching himself, and evolving as a musician, expanding his …. Into playing the bass, and taking recorder, and ocarina lessons. At the time he wrote his first song in 2013, this musician turned into a producer as well. There are many aspects of producing that differ across styles of music.

For this musician, producing can look like over 100 hours of work, which is what his latest 2020 release took. This is because of the fact that Victor plays each section from the instrument itself rather than drawing the notes in the production software. To say the least Victor is a “well-rounded” musician who continues to grow. He recently got to experience the National Association of Music Merchants conference, which is ultimately a top conference to go to for artists in terms of networking and education opportunities. 3300+Climbing had the privilege of catching up with Victor following his experience in LA.

How have you developed as an artist since the release of your first single?

- Aside from the obvious direct effort to grow such as practicing instruments and studying/exploring harmonies and ideas, I have also been spending time to nurture my mind as well. I have recently gone back to working out regularly again, which seems to be helping me be more efficient and get clarity on top of maintaining overall health. Also taking in good life experiences to fuel creativity has been inspiring and enriching songwriting as well. If I can’t get much direct experience, I’d try to experience them indirectly, like through a good movie or a book.

Last year, I struggled with keeping my mind healthy from overwhelming self-doubt and massive influx of questions I asked myself that I couldn’t find good answers for. So honestly, I’m mostly focusing on striking a good balance between work and personal life nowadays! It’s a lifelong journey and I want to enjoy the process, rather than endlessly chase something on a very narrow path without being able to look around on the way there.

You offer guitar lessons and also have for purchase the transcriptions to your debut album. When did you decide to teach music, and what inspired the decision to teach your debut album?

- I really enjoy teaching; besides music stuff, I was a teaching assistant for an electrical engineering class back when I was in university for a couple of years. And for guitars, I started giving lessons 7 years ago and never stopped since.

Shortly after I put out Strangely Familiar album, a couple of people did covers of songs just listening to the songs. That made me think that people might actually want to learn the songs and I transcribed the songs to make them available. I work with a very talented transcriber named Gabbo Puente who usually double checks my transcription after I notate them and sometimes does a chunk of transcription himself when I need someone to share the load as well!

What was your experience like at NAMM 2020 a